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Hey there user! Thanks for coming to this page!
Some info before you start the download:

- The game was made for the week 19 Weekly Game Jam hosted on itch.io
- The theme was ATTRACTION

The aim of the game is to attract the paper clips which fall from the top of the screen downwards to the magnet which you control.
Every wave takes 30 seconds to progress through and after, results will be displayed on the "WAVE COMPLETED" screen. (You'll see)
after each wave you progress through, the difficulty will increase through much more frequent spawn rates of the paper clips. There
is no consequence to missing the clips other than a decreased "OVERALL RATING" after a wave on the results screen.

The controls are shown in the game tutorial screen but here's a reference:

W/Arrow Key UP - To go up

A/Arrow Key LEFT - To go left

S/Arrow Key DOWN - To go Down

D/Arrow Key RIGHT -  To go Right

Yours Sincerely,

PS. If any bugs are found, please contact me asap <3


Magneclip.exe 11 MB

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