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  I'd like to proudly announce the release of Dismute. Dismute is a dodgem type game where red squares roam around the screen and your job is to avoid contact with them. If they run into you or if you run into them, game over. The prototype version of the game had way too many bugs in it and through the help of friends who assisted in identifying these bugs, I managed to properly clean the game off any errors.

Bugs that were found and patched

  1. The player could move out of the screen and avoid any interaction with the red squares which in turn allowed the player to gain up levels without consequence. 
  2. Red Squares could move over the text displays (levels, game over screen), covering the text.
  3. Collisions between red squares and player.
  4. The red squares now spawn outside the screen to avoid spawn killing the player.

Features added/improved in this release

  • Added a  stats page accessible from the main menu
  • Added a rank and experience system (These are miscellaneous and don't provide any advantages to gameplay except that it represents your progress and how long you've played in-game).
  • Improved the How To Play screen
  • Added arrow key movement in addition to the WASD movement type. (So now there are two ways you can move the player, arrow keys and WASD).
  • Changed FPS cap to 60 FPS instead of the old 30 FPS cap so now gameplay would be smooth and crisp.
  • Added a H.Level (Highest Level) display at the top of the screen.
  • Improved Level display (Added a translucent border around Level Highest Level display in-game)
  • Changed the pause menu quit system so instead of pressing M to leave the game, you now press Q
  • Added a quit option in the Game over screen.

Images from the update


Dismute.exe 47 MB
Nov 02, 2017

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